Moonrise with Peppermint and Juniper Berry

Moonrise with Peppermint and Juniper Berry

Jan 4, 2023

The powder was fresh, and the mountains called to me.  I threw on my snowshoes and started my sojourn in my favorite spot to commune with winter: Pole Canyon. I checked my watch to learn when the moon would rise, and I saw that my timing would be perfect.  I should summit at sunset and see the moonrise on my way back down the canyon.

As I ascended the gentle slopes of the trail and reached the crest of the ridge, I looked to the great Cascade Mountain to my east, and marveled at the snow spilling like great could rivers flowing down the gullies of the mountain. The wind was brisk, and it carried the sounds of the gentle roar of those snow rivers carving the canyons below.

Cascade Avalanche

Just after 5, I reached my summit, an intersecting trail just above Little Rock Overlook.  I considered the oils I was carrying with me, and my mind went to peppermint and juniper berry as the perfect combination and vibration for this hike. Juniper berry cleanses and drives out negative forces, which seemed appropriate for the powdery snow and the driving wind that gave flight to it. Peppermint awakens and refreshes, and there is nothing more refreshing than sub zero temperatures on freshly fallen snow.

Cascade Ridge and Utah Valley at Sunset

The cold started to bite as I descended, as keeping warm became more difficult in the reduced effort of the return journey.  I kept my eye to the east to see what the Moon had in store for me, and I was not disappointed.  Very slowly, the snow drift clouds on the mountain began to glow a beautiful yellow, as the Moon gradually dropped the veil of clouds and threw her majestic light upon the valley below.

I was amazed at how much light she gave when unimpeded by a shroud of fluffy clouds!  What an incredible show, and I was the only person in the audience.

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