Our Story - A Healing Journey to Thriving

The Short Version

I got into aromatherapy because I was disillusioned with allopathic medicine, and I wanted to help my family heal from illnesses and trauma they experienced during the pandemic.  I've always felt drawn to the role of healing protector, especially for my family. My kids love to use the blends I make for them, and they love to help me make my "potions", as they call them.

The pictures I use on my website are all taken by me on my hikes with my essential oils, and my logo was designed by my daughter.

The Longer Version: It Started with A Book...

My healing journey started in 2015, when I was feeling particularly bad one day.  I was feeling dizzy and nauseous, and I had no idea why.  My dizziness was debilitating to the point where I couldn't function.  I was sitting at home, trying to gather myself, when I felt guided to look at a group of books on my bookshelf that had been gathering dust for decades.

One book caught my eye, and not just because it was shorter or more colorful than the other books.  It just happened to be a book that my grandfather authored about 20 years earlier called "High Health".  I had never read the book, but I kept it on the shelf because I always felt proud to be the grandson of a published author.

As I digested the contents of the book, my mind was opened to the power of alternate healing modalities and the impact of diet on wellbeing.  This book inspired me to seek changes so I wouldn't feel so helpless.  While the book didn't have all the answers, it pointed me in the right direction for some easy changes that made a huge difference, like limiting my sugar intake.

From that point on, I devoured everything I could about improving my own wellness: I listened to endless podcasts, I read dozens of books, I performed countless hours of online research, and I found naturopathic practitioners to consult.

A Mountain Home

Another important catalyst came out of nowhere in July 2019.  I was driving through Provo with my family, and I felt inspired to take a detour by my grandparents old house.  My grandparents built the house in 1957 and remodeled it in 2002, but my grandmother was forced to sell the house when maintenance became too much after my grandfather died. Since I grew up an army brat and moved every 3 years, this house felt like home to me, and I always loved kickstarting the inevitable trip down memory lane that a drive by would initiate. 

This time was different; there was a "For Sale" sign in the front yard.  This spawned a wild idea: what if we were to move from our home of 18 years to live in my grandparents house?  We decided to sit on that idea for a week or so.  I took a hike to the mountain just east of my grandparents house (Cascade Mountain) to look for some inspiration.  On that hike, I first became acquainted with Freedom Mountain, and I saw some of the most incredible views of my life (the picture on the home page and the picture on the logo both came from that hike).  This was the sign I was looking for.  We bought the house and moved in, and I've spent hours and hours getting to know the miles of trails in the mountains surrounding the "new" house.  I also decided on the name "Mountain Freedom" because of this magical hike.

...It Culminated With an Online Ad

When the pandemic hit, my family was limited by lockdowns, as most were.  I felt drawn to help them heal, rather than rely on Western medicine, which I believe had largely abandoned and failed us even before the pandemic.  I used all the knowledge I gathered over the previous 5+ years to help them stay healthy, but it seemed like I was missing something.

Fast forward to Valentine's Day 2021.  I was in the midst of researching dietary information online a few days earlier when I found an ad for a free aromatherapy webinar by Aromahead Institute, scheduled for Valentine's Day 2021.  While I was wary of getting hooked into a sales pitch, something about it resonated with me, so I attended the hour-long course.  At the end, there was an option to sign up for a Certification Program through the Institute, and I knew this was what I needed to support myself and my family.  Little did I realize that just over a year later, I would feel called to start my own business and create a website to help others on their own healing journeys to reach their thriving summits.

I hope you enjoy the website, and that you find the blend you're looking for!