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Mountain Freedom

Spritzes and Perfumes (Kangen Water Enhanced)

Spritzes and Perfumes (Kangen Water Enhanced)

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These Kangen-water-infused versatile spritzes have a variety of uses:

  • Infused with healing Kangen water, these spritzes match your skin's pH and are filtered of all toxins.
  • Spray them on your yoga mat prior to beginning to enhance your practice. 
  • Use them on your space to deepen your meditation. 
  • Level up your focus in your work space. 
  • Invite beautiful aromas from the outdoors into your house to freshen your space.


Kangen-Infused Healing Water (6.0-9.5 pH)

*Vegetable Glycerin (for dispersant and preservation)

*Essential Oils

*USDA Certified Organic Ingredients

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Application Instructions

Use 1-2 spritzes over desired area

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